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The world is not right.

Nowadays online casinos are too much of a black box, it is not even worth mentioning to talk about. No matter what method you use, it is impossible to prove that there is no cheating going on. However, with blockchain technology, this can all change.
This will fundamentally alter the entire industry of online casinos. With that being said, the casino revenues will be publicly disclosed. All the proceeds will be fairly distributed among all token holders. We are not an exception. If we don't own the tokens, we will not get any of the revenue. Therefore, we will not sell our tokens just to get quick cash.
Just to be clear, we are not the sole decision makers when it comes to the management policy of this project. The holders of the governance tokens will decide by voting and there is not a single management team running the project. What we try to emphasize is that the token holders shall hold all the power.
Think about the cost of operating a conventional casino.Land, buildings, labor costs, and other expenses are required. This project requires no land, no building, and everything from game management all the way to profit. Distribution is fully automated by Smart Contracts. Compared to conventional casinos, the operating expenses are much cheaper.
We won't put all the profits in our own pockets. Here's a suggestion. We may be able to drastically reduce the obvious fixed cost of gaming fees, worldwide. This is all a net positive for the users, and in turn, good for token holders.
That's how the world should be.
Blockchain is changing the world.
A "New Sunshine" illuminates a new landscape.
*Everything might not be achievable straight away from the beginning. But rest assured, we will achieve everything in stages.
Last modified 3mo ago
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